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Safety Tips, Warnings, and Other Considerations for Vaping Products

NOTE: Whether you are a member of or are going to make a purchase from our store, it is important to identify yourself with the safety tips and warning hazards of vaping products you purchase. Doing so will enable you to make effective use of vaping products and accessories you purchase from us. is committed to providing its customers with the best vaping devices and e-juices from the most respected names in the industry. As one of the largest ecommerce sites for vaping products, we are continuously working towards bringing you the latest and the greatest progressions in the world of vaping.

Today we are writing to our customer base and anyone who wants to shop at in regards to safety tips and warnings that you must consider when using box mods, hybrid mods, li-ion batteries, liquefied nicotine, and more. This is to remind our customers that any use of the products and accessories that causes injury, disability, or disease is not advisable and will not be held liable.

Safety Disclaimer

Always avoid using short or flat 510 connection on hybrid or hybrid-like devices. If you are not sure whether this applies to your vaping product’s set up, then ignore this message. However, if this does apply to your product but you are not entirely use as to how to assemble and use it, then AVOID doing so. Always practice precautions and handling when using vaping products. Regardless of whether a product is for entry level or advanced user, when you use the product, you are at your own risk.

Product & Accessory Disclaimer

The product details, descriptions, and claims that are available on are based on the information provided by the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). All listed information is for use at your sole discretion only as we do not analyze, test, or verify the vaping product.

It is worth noting that some vaping products will come with batteries while for others you will have to purchase them separately, as stated in the product description section of each product. Remember that when you are using any type of rechargeable batteries, there is always an inherent risk or potential damage. As such is not liable for damages caused by mishandling and misuse of the Li-ion, Li-Po, and other rechargeable battery and charger types.

Safety Tips for Batteries

Always practice caution when using Lithium-ion (Li-ion), Lithium-ion Polymer (LiPo) and other types of rechargeable batteries since they are sensitive to different charging modes. There is a risk of the batteries or cells burning or exploding when misused or mishandled. Always make sure that you (the user) have sufficient knowledge regarding the assembly, charging, discharging, and storage of Lithium-ion, Lithium-ion Polymer, and other types of rechargeable batteries and cells. Here are some safety tips that you should keep in mind when working with chargeable batteries:

  • NEVER experiment with batteries and charges, especially single use batteries as there is a risk of explosion when you put them in a charger.
  • ALWAYS keep batteries, cells, and chargers far away from children. Batteries are not toys so avoid getting them close to your children and/ or pets.
  • AVOID contact from any materials that can damage the batteries and cells, including water, fire, chemicals, and so on (you can look online for all the materials that you should avoid contact with while charging batteries).
  • If you have different specifications of rechargeable batteries and cells, make sure that your charger is compatible with and supports the batteries and cells you want to charge. Never charge with unsupported chargers or ones that do not adhere to the CC/ CV algorithm.
  • Always charge batteries in a fire proof place.
  • Never use, charge or handle batteries along with battery chargers that are visibly damaged.
  • Also, avoid using batteries and chargers that are damaged or stressed as a result of mishandling, even if the damage is not apparent or visible.
  • Always keep the batteries in a safe place and controlled environment, ideally in a non-conductive container.
  • Never leave batteries unattended while they are charging and immediately after charging.
  • Never carry batteries or chargers in your pocket, purse, or wallet unless you have a secure non-conductive case or cover with you.
  • Always dispose batteries and chargers according to the local laws and regulations.
  • Develop a basic understanding of how to use, charge, assemble, disassemble, and care for batteries and cells.

Note: Some of the aforementioned tips also work for atomizers, sub ohm tanks, mods, and other vaping devices. As a general rule, always store your vaping devices and accessories in a cool place far away from children and pets. Always remember that there is an inherent risk of using vaping devices, and any complications caused by use will be your responsibility.

Health Disclaimer

It is worth noting that when the vaping industry was in its infant years, many OEMs and stores marketed them as ‘healthier’ and ‘safer’ alternatives to smoking cigarettes. That is not true and some of the products sold at Vape Citi such as e-juice and e-liquids may contain nicotine in varying quantities. Nicotine is a chemical that can lead to birth defects and other reproductive complications when used by pregnant women.

Vaping products containing nicotine are not approved by the FDA as smoking devices or for other purposes. Furthermore the products available on our website are not meant to diagnose, treat or otherwise mitigate any medication condition or addiction. Do not use our products if you are allergic or sensitive to nicotine or if you are at risk of a medication condition that may become severe with nicotine consumption. Always remember that nicotine can be addictive, and is toxic when swallowed. Always consult your doctor first regarding any questions you have related to your health and the use of nicotine and never use our website as a source for information regarding health.

NOTE: Sorry Kids, if you are not of legal smoking age, then stop using our website immediately!